Specific tips for working together

Once partners from different countries have found each other and have defined the content and goals of their cooperation, the foundation stone has been laid and the actual work can begin. Initially, this can give rise to many questions. But even in already existing education partnerships and projects it makes sense to take stock, to bring in new ideas and to consider how the work could be changed, improved or simplified. The aim of this chapter is to provide answers to practical questions for both newcomers and more experienced users. It thus contains specific tips and information. It starts with a discussion of the kinds of activities that can be implemented together, followed by an explanation of how a partnership or project can be structurally embedded in an organisation and how learners can be involved in shaping it. The chapter also provides practical information on how to raise public awareness, secure funding and make the formal travel arrangements for an exchange visit. Finally, it shows how a partnership or project can become a model for sustainable action, how to comply with data protection and personal rights and where to turn for advice and support.