Information for German citizens travelling
to the partner country as well as general tips

Created in collaboration with Engagement Global

The website of the embassy of the respective country will provide detailed information on the requirements for the trip. If a visa is required for entry into the country, the application form and other regulations can also be found there. Visa applications can either be made by post (in which case a self-addressed, stamped envelope should be enclosed), as an e-visa or via a personal interview at the embassy..

Additional hints and tips for the trip:

  • Make back-up copies of all your travel documents and carry them with you when you travel. Keep the copies in a different place from the original travel documents.
  • Take additional biometric photos with you in case you need to apply for a replacement passport.
  • Make sure to be aware of the relevant customs, health and currency regulations.
  • Should you lose any travel documents, ask for a copy of the theft report and the police report for submission to the insurance companies.
  • Other visa formalities may apply to participants without German citizenship/with dual nationality.
  • Stopovers in third countries also need to be taken into account when planning the trip and applying for visas.
  • Travellers who are minors require the following additional documents: a letter from their parents, a certified copy and translation of their birth certificate, copies of the parents‘ passports, custody documents.
  • You can register with ELEFAND, the crisis prevention list of the German Foreign Office. In the event of a crisis, this allows the German Foreign Office to get a quick overview of all German citizens who are present in the affected region in order to organise help for them.